What We Do

020We believe that exercise is extremely important to a child’s development and our outdoor play areas and adventure play park are used every day. Throughout the year our children are taken for walks which sometimes will include nature rambles in the park.


7DA_4877The children can enjoy a full range of outdoor activities in our fully enclosed and secure gardens to the sides and a large grassed area with its own adventure park, to the rear.

Other activities include outside agencies coming into the nursery to put on singing and dance, Yoga, Zoo Lab with a variety of animals and many more activities.

We are also involved in a number of charitable activities throughout the year, encouraging the children to take part as responsible young people. See more…



We are very careful to choose the right staff for our nursery. Our Nursery Nurses are highly qualified to at least B Tech or NVQ Level Three with two members of staff qualified to NVQ Level 4 in Early Childhood development. Each Nursery Nurse has a small group of children that they take a detailed interest in and are nominated as their Key Person. They carry out regular monitoring of your child and keep records of your child’s development. They are always happy and available to discuss their observations with you and to hear any concerns that you may have from time to time. Attachment to a key person is a necessary process in young children’s development. All children need to form an attachment to one skilled adult who regards them as special. Being cared for by several different adults means that children spend all their time trying to become attached, which uses up their energy and hampers their development. A secure attachment gives children emotional stability that fosters self-confidence and allows them to become independent enough to explore their environment and so learn and progress.


All  of  the  children’s  meals are freshly prepared by our own qualified cooks. The children will be given a wide range of meals based on receiving their 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. As far as possible we do not give the children processed or unhealthy meals and also cater for all dietary needs. Jack in the Box has again been awarded 5 stars for Excellent Standards of Hygiene by Tees Valley Food and Hygiene Authority. See more…

All meals (other than baby milk formula) are included in the fees. Should your child have special dietary needs due for example, to cultural differences or allergies the meals will be modified to accommodate those needs.