Pre-school Room



The activities include small and large scale construction sets and other creative activities. This room also has a home corner with miniature furniture and equipment to encouraging role-play. The children also have supervised access to a suite of four specially designed and protected computers to introduce them to Information Technology in an age related manner.
We provide an environment in which children can develop physically, emotionally and educationally. Various activities are planned each day, such as construction kits, jigsaws, drawing, cutting out, singing, story telling and role-playing.

The children are encouraged to set out activities and to tidy-up afterward.

The activities included in this room include painting, sand & water play, jigsaws and introducing the children to pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Your child will be encouraged to take part in setting out activities and clearing away, giving them that all important, ” sense of responsibility”.

All of the activities are planned to help your child integrate easily into school and the National Curriculum.

Pre-School Rooms